Preparing Your Submissions

The deadline for abstract submissions is 19 January 2024. Following this, the selection process will commence, with the Governing Body reviewing and selecting outstanding contributions.

Below are guidelines to assist you in preparing your application.

Presentations are accepted in both English and Japanese, with simultaneous translation provided for all sessions. Presenters may deliver their presentations in their preferred language.


Will the topic be of interest to the Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition audience and the energy industry? Will it capture the imagination of the audience, and will it offer useful updates, progress or new information?​


Does the abstract offer a new angle or dimension to the chosen topic?​

Is this new and original material that has not been shared at other conferences?​

Does it demonstrate new and innovative updates or advances that are not yet widely known?​


Is the abstract relevant to the Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition audience or to the industry now?​

Will it demonstrate the latest attitudes in thinking, innovation or delivery? ​

Once you have decided to submit an abstract, please create an account via our call for papers online portal to get started with your submission.​


The abstract title should clearly and accurately describe the presentation’s primary content and prosed paper in a concise manner (50-words or less).​


Use the category and sub-category listing to indicate the theme that best describes the abstract. A primary choice is required. If you believe your abstract is relevant to more than one category, submit it under the single category of best fit.​


Graphs, diagrams, illustrations and/or tables should be used to enhance the governing body’s understanding of the abstract. Captions and any necessary contextual information to understand the data will not count towards the word limit.​


Abstracts must be accompanied by a presenter profile. The proposed speaker (not the company) should be a good orator who can successfully convey and present information to an international audience in a live and interactive setting.​

Why are some applications unsuccessful?

Abstracts that promote the use of commercial trade names and language that promotes the sale of goods or services.​

Abstracts which are considered to be derivatives of each other.​

Abstracts that lack intellectual rigour and are unsupported by evidence.​

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