Climatetech Challenge

Pioneering Solutions for a Sustainable Future

As governments, energy companies & high-emitting industries commit to provide funding & solutions to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C, it’s imperative that the innovators and inventors of the world are given a voice and platform to bring their groundbreaking ideas into the spotlight.​

The Climatetech Challenge is a peer-judged competition, inviting individuals & companies to propose innovative concepts and solutions to various problem statements, representing some of the most pertinent challenges the energy sector is currently facing, as we strive to decarbonise.​

Climatetech Challenge
Selection Process

The panel of judges will be made up of a mix of seasoned industry experts, experienced innovators and venture-capital fund managers to provide considered and well-rounded assessments of the solutions presented.​

The judging will take place in the below format:
  • A paper submission which will be judged pre-event
  • The most promising concepts will then be invited back to give a live 3–5-minute pitch to our judging panel, onsite during the event at the Climatetech Stage
  • The winners for each category will then be announced at the awards ceremony at the Climatetech Stage on final event day.​

Startup Zone

With the industry converging on the show floor, the Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition is providing the ideal incubator for startups to showcase their products, services and ideas. The Startup Zone will feature individual pods for startup companies to promote themselves, side by side with the market leaders, and engage in meaningful discussions with potential customers, partners and investors throughout the energy world. Thematically interspersed with the Innovation Showcase throughout the Climatetech Zone, the Startup Zone will be a highlight of the event for attendees and media alike.

Not forgetting that the free-thinkers behind these startups are the real assets of their businesses, each startup will have the opportunity to present and pitch their innovations at the Climatetech Stage as part of the official programme.

Start Up

Future Leaders

Harnessing new thinking, new concepts, and new ambitions, to transform Japan’s energy landscape

Net Zero will not be achieved solely by those leading today, but with the help of those leading tomorrow. The next generation of leaders are vital for a successful energy transition. To give them a voice in today’s conversations, Future Leaders will bring some of their pioneering concepts to the show floor with explorative showcases, insightful masterclasses, and competitive projects.

As a focal point of the event for media attention, the showcases will be interspersed through the Climatetech Zone, encouraging the discovery of new, fresh-thinking talent in today’s industry, to deliver tomorrow.

Future Leaders