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Hideki Yoshino

Founder and CEO Clean Planet Inc.


Hideki is the founder and CEO of Clean Planet Inc. a startup company developing commercial products powered by a CO2-free energy source called “Quantum Hydrogen Energy.” Hideki is a passionate advocate for providing real solutions to climate change. He founded Clean Planet soon after the Fukushima Accident in 2011, realizing the need for a new, safe clean energy source for the future of Earth. Clean Planet aims to launch its first commercial product—a quantum-enabled industrial steam boiler—in 2025.

Previously, as a college student at the University of Tokyo, Hideki founded Gaba Corporation, an English language school, with a vision to strengthen Japanese people’s competitiveness in the global market. Under his leadership, the company became the largest school in Japan with 25 branches, taking hold of the English education market in six years. Hideki then exited to become an investor in clean energy. In addition to Clean Planet, Mr. Yoshino has invested in other energy and battery companies.

Hideki is a fellow at Tohoku University and holds a BA in Law from the University of Tokyo as well as a MSc in Finance from London Business School. He has black belts in Judo and Karate and is the father of three children and a Shiba Inu dog.