Pioneering Solutions for a Sustainable Future

As governments, energy companies & high-emitting industries commit to provide funding & solutions to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C, it’s imperative that the innovators and inventors of the world are given a voice and platform to bring their groundbreaking ideas into the spotlight. 

The Climatetech Challenge is a peer-judged competition, inviting individuals & companies to propose innovative concepts and solutions to various problem statements, representing some of the most pertinent challenges the energy sector is currently facing as we strive to decarbonise. 

The Climatetech Challenge will gather global energy industry visionaries, investors, changemakers, and emerging start-ups to showcase the critical innovations and groundbreaking climate technologies that are creating value in the industry. 

Climatetech Challenge 1

Showcase Your Big Idea in the Climatetech Challenge

The esteemed judging panel will be made up of seasoned industry experts, experienced innovators and venture-capital fund managers to provide considered and well-rounded assessments of the solutions presented. 

The most viable solutions will be selected via a carefully considered process: 

  1. Prior to the event, your submission will be evaluated by the judging panel to determine the most promising and innovative concepts and business models.
  2. Shortlisted submissions will be invited to give a live 3-5 minute pitch at the Climatetech Theatre on 5 June. Judges will evaluate the viability of business models presented and how effective their climate technology is in accelerating net zero ambitions. 
  3. The winners for the ‘Students & Young Professionals’ and ‘Startups & Entrepreneurs’ categories will be announced at the awards ceremony on 5 June. 

The Climatetech Challenge winner will receive prizes to support the growth of their business, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Award of Recognition as Winner of The Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition Climatetech Challenge 2024 
  • Exhibition stand at Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition 2025 
  • Speaking opportunity at Japan Energy Summit & Exhibition 2025 
  • Video interview with Energy Connects 
  • Feature story and interview published in editorial publications 

Who Should Participate

Entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups, students, and future leaders with an interest in the energy industry can seize this opportunity to showcase their innovations on the global stage. Leverage the Climatetech Challenge to find the right investors for your big idea and create a positive impact in accelerating the pathway to net-zero.

  • Renewable Energy Solutions 
  • Energy Storage 
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) 
  • Hydrogen 
  • Direct Air Capture 
  • Climate Analytics 
  • Circular Economy Solutions 
  • Carbon Offsetting 
  • Environmental Sensors 
  • Future Tech (e.g. Nuclear Fusion)

The Judging Criteria

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