Supporting Associations 2024


We build a hydrogen society at an early stage through the realization of social implementation projects.

ISES is essentially a non-profit enterprise that exists to co-ordinate and market the international activities of its member companies. The objective of ISES is to unite an independent, high quality worldwide network of members to provide electrical, mechanical, electronic and specialised services to the marine industry. 

Member companies benefit from being part of a global network which enables them to extend their services worldwide and share technical knowledge and co-operation with other members. The ISES Marine Service Guide is produced annually and mailed to over 5,000 ship owners and managers, thus raising members’ profiles by listing their full details, locations and capabilities to potential customers. A  copy of the guide is also left  on vessels that members  are called onboard to service. Through global networking members are able to discuss issues, share information and help resolve problems. 

Ship owners who engage the services of an ISES member can be confident that they are utilising the skills of a quality assured service company.  The Association has over 60 members in more than 30 countries, covering over 150 ports, including some not covered by other service networks. Many of the members have experienced engineers who have been  trained in a variety of manufacturers products, thus their expertise is not limited to a single brand. In addition many have access to different manufacturers' spare parts. There is also co-ordination between members ensuring  adequate follow up from port-to-port. 

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The Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF) is an international industry support organization composed of senior executives and decision-makers heading up firms with energy and power business commitments across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

We are an active catalyst for positive change with a unique “fraternal” organizational atmosphere. We cover all key areas and sectors relating to power generation: Gas, Coal, Bio-Mass, Hydro, Wind, Solar, Nuclear, Geo-Thermal, Legal, Finance, Insurance, Security, Equipment, Infrastructure, Alternatives, Renewable and Sustainable Technologies, IoT / IT, etc.

The IPPF also leads the “New Energy” parade for Energy Efficiencies (EESCO’s), Pollution Prevention (P2/E2), GHG Trading, Energy Security, Waste-to-Energy, Standby Power, Smart Grid, Distribution / Transmission, Restructuring.