Dr. Katsuhiko Hirose

CEO and Chief Consultant HyWealth


As an engineer always working front line of Toyota engineering for advanced Engine, Hybrid System and Fuel Cell Vehicle. At the same time, working as a planner to develop world strategy of hybrid and fuel vehicle deployment.

It is well known as a leader to develop first Hybrid Vehicle Prius for emission and fuel economy. He is also working to initiate several government industries infrastructure program such as German and UK H2Mobility. From 2017, he works for building the world Hydrogen Consortium “Hydrogen Council” as a founding member secretary and as a co-chairman to create several key reports. After graduating Toyota in 2019 he is active as an independent consultant for Hydrogen Energy System and Advanced Mobility. He appears to promote hydrogen in many conferences all over the world. He is currently a member of scientific council of Engie SV, advising several companies including Mitsui & CO. Ltd. He is also working as a visiting professor to develop methodologies to implementing environmental technologies into the society in I2CNER Kyushu University.